You can clean up your house in 30 minutes

By Rose C. Dean / September 12, 2015

A messy space will of course annoy you and effect your health badly but you do not have enough time to tidy your house. Let imagine when you leave the work place and come back home, if the floor is dirty, all things in your house do not be placed at the right position, it will be the most awful moment

All the problem will be solved if you follow the steps below, which can help you to tidy your living space in just 30 minutes

  • Step one : You need to prepare the tidy tools

For the first step, you need to prepare tools and equipment to tidy your house. You have to clean up bedroom, bathroom, living room and deodorize the kitchen….so hand gloves, wiper,vacuum cleaner besom and bleach is always necessary

If the rooms need any special equipment to tidy, you should purchase them and prepare well before starting to tidy your house

  • Step two: Clean up the bathroom

The first area in the house that should be cleaned up is bathroom. All you need to do is arrange all the things briefly, and then use a wiper to clean the mirror, next step is cleaning up the sink and tub ( remember to dry them to put away the spots and make them look shiny ). Finally, you have to tidy the floor carefully with floor cleaners

  • Step three: Tidy the living room

You need to rearrange all things in the living room, place them at the suitable positions, and then use besom or vacuum cleaner to tidy the whole space. Do not forget to clean-up the floor to make it look shiny, and the living achieve modern and open space. You calo6ngso use feather duster to swept out nhe65nspider web and dust that stick on the ceiling

  • Step four : Clean up the kitchen carefully

The final room that need to be cleaned up is the kitchen. You should clean the fridge first, remove the food an box, plastic bag that over used away from the shelves, then deodorize the inside space of the fridge. Next, try to clean-up the mess on kitchen shelves and dinning table, don’t forget the wall and the floor ( they may be dirty with oil and dust ). Please note, you should open the windows widely after tidying the kitchen, to release the humid and smelly air out of the kitchen