What Do You Know About Plasma Cutter?

Previously, to perform this step one can use different types of media, but most are using manual methods tter? such as using hydraulic cutting machine, using the hacksaw, cut the turtle using stone or wind breaker handheld plasma.

There are many kind of plasma cutter. But to choose the best plasma cutter isn’t easy. And the best plasma cutter for the money can help you save much time and money for your work.

These methods often require more labor but low yields, often just cut straight lines or circles, do not cut the shapes are hard, are very likely errors made by subjective or objective of the sport work.

Now with one device that can overcome these disadvantages. That’s plasma cutter. With plasma cutter machine you can cut any shape according to drawings with high accuracy, low material consumption and with a much higher yield than when cut by hand.

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It is effective investment a long time. Plasma cutter machine will become a lifelong devotion labor for your company; it can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Help you save a lot of time and money. Plasma cutting machine service life can be up to several decades ensure peace of mind on the issue of payback.

Now the prices of plasma cutter have decreased a lot compared to a few years ago. Furthermore in the world now have more manufacturers plasma cutter are cheaper foreign machines. You have more choices than you can make savings of an investment, while reassuring warranty on maintenance issues.

Many people think that just spent a lot of money to buy plasma cutter imported from foreign countries is reassuring, really is not necessarily so. Since then there is no time machine will be damaged, the machine must be on standby while foreign experts through inspection, or for sending equipment manufacturers through to the warranty, whereas customers need cutting piles. At that point decides to buy foreign machinery is not always a wise choice.

The System Of Plasma Cutter

Show time: hours / day, week, month, year

Supports four selection process cutting: Plasma, Gas, Demos, Maker

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Process Gas and plasma cutting are separated from the control gate

Support THC height control, heated front two levels and three modes of selection cutting penetrated by Gas

Feedback plasma arc signal, location signal, automatically disconnect when entering the corner arc

Supporting contour cutting, can save time when cutting plate heat

Install time acceleration and deceleration. According thickness steel plate can install speed automatically reduced when cutting a corner. Zoom mode, zoom out to see the cutting head moves on-screen graphics. DSP system can precisely control the cutting speed, noise and vibration. Automatically remembers working status of the torch when the sudden power cut or failures occur.

Groove cutting compensation function, arranged shaped cut

The “Cutting offset” will take effect when converting software incidents

Establish Different Password For Each User

When using remote can remotely control easily the movements of the machine: moving backward and forward, cut or stop cutting…

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The maximum speed of movement of the right cutting head from 10.000mm / min or more. If this low rate not only affects productivity but also the quality of cuts will not meet the requirements (three via grip on more cuts, sometimes distorting the details diced so long when heated cutting head moves slowly).

The computer used to control industrial computers is computers specially designed for stable operation in production environments with multiple dusts, temperature, humidity, especially anti-interference ability and anti-shake well.

The drive motor for X, Y, Z should not take steps that must use motor servo motor to ensure accuracy. When heavy loads or obstacles encountered, the engine will automatically increase power to overcome. If no insurmountable obstacles, the engine will automatically stop and the system error. Should ensure that no errors while cutting.

The machine must be equipped with automatic height adjustment mine. The task of automatically adjusting the height of this mine is to control the cutting head up / down automatically according to the

Do you know Daniel Jones? He will help you in this job. For plasma cutter to cut the last detail, fall off and have a portion protruding from the surface or material also occurs. This may break the torch if the machine is not equipped with anti-plucks parts cut.

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