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People should arrange the restroom at the right direction

According to feng shui knowledge, people should arrange the restroom at the bad direction with the purpose of releasing the bad luck out of your house. So the host need to verify the bad direction to build the restroom at this place

The guide lines listed down below will supply you basic knowledge of feng shui to arrange the restroom at suitable position

  • People should avoid to place the restroom at Southeast and Southwest

In a house, the Southeast represent for wealthy and the Southwest represent for marriage . So if you place the restroom at these directions, your money, good luck and family happiness will be flown away quickly

The suitable direction to place the restroom is Northwest or East, your house will be in peace surely

  • It is really bad if the restroom is placed at North and Northeast

Base on feng shui knowledge, the restroom will effect your living space so badly if it place at North or Northwest directions. It makes the couple break, the woman has sickness, especially with the old people, in the worst occasion, they may die

  • You can place the restroom at the center of your house

In feng shui, the restroom represent for Earth element that conflict the water element in the restroom. Moreover, placing the restroom at the center can pollute the environment surrounded

The restroom at the center of your house can broke the goo air system inside house, which prevent the good luck and wealthy get into your house

  • The restroom placed at position that can limit the bad air

According to the host ‘s horoscope to verify the bad direction. There are 8 directions in feng shui totally, four good ones and four bad ones. So the restroom always head to the bad direction of the host, which can turn bad luck into good luck effectively.

The restroom is often placed at four bad directions : Monster, Death, Disaster and  Killing

-People can place the restroom at the monster direction to limit bad air to get into the living space

-If you place the restroom at the Death direction, you will not only prevent the bad luck but also gain more money in our life

-The Disaster and Killing direction also contain bad air, but they represent for earth element that can be limited with the water element from the restroom

  • The restroom should not be too small and without window

If the restroom too small, the air flow can not get out of the space and be limited then transform into bad air. Moreover, some people may create some new things when they are in the restroom, so the small space will limit their creativity

  • The host should avoid to arrange the restroom and kitchen at the same place

The kitchen represent for fire element and the restroom represent for water element, the two elements are conflicted with each other, then create bad air flow. Additionally, the good air flow can not combine with the bad air flow for long time. And it is too dirty to cook or have meals near the restroom

  • The restroom should not be placed above the living room or bed room

The restroom always release the bad air flow and dirty things away. If you built the living room and the bedroom beneath the restroom, you will receive all the thing that bring bad luck to yourself. The wealthy and good luck in living will also reduce strongly. So please pay attention at the position of restroom