How To Choose The Best Bean Bag Chair

By Rose C. Dean / September 12, 2016

Bean bag chair are filled by porous particles of polystyrene (EPS) foam for pillow particle lazy, this is a kind of material it is light, cheap, soft and resistant to crushing, not broken, crushed, good sound insulation. The characteristics that make a lazy chair convenient, easy to adjust and comfortable.

There are many information for this product and you can choose the Best Bean Bag Chair. With a Best Bean Bag Chair you will comfortable and relax when lying in this product. So now, we will provide to you some information to choose good one. You can read and buy the best one in your family or in office to lie when having free time.

Best bean chair packs are made from virgin plastic EPS, depending on the primary particle size of plastic and the heat treatment time, which I obtained porous particles with different sizes. Porous particles light, durable, non-porous particles especially Caleb collapses during use.

Seeds EPS foam for pillow lazy detonated primeval temperature 90C enabled through hatch between 20 and 50 times. Following in the mold (block) heat (100 degrees C) for an appropriate time for the EPS Foam particles called EPS, molded EPS foam.

Some people have tried to fill the seat with dry seeds such as beans, corn or even green, but all the materials that are not guaranteed to be the comfortable and quiet kindness of a real lazy chair, unstable and difficult to use.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bag Chair


The Process Of Producing Porous Particles Standard

Products from beads shaped porous particles are size should bloom in volume contains small particles sealed honeycomb bonding circuits and in every granule cells after hatching contained within 98% of the air, is offering the advantages of thermal insulated feature, gentle and quiet.

This is a good porous particles, porous buy 1kg of this kind, it will double the 85k / kg (better quality)

There Must Put More Porous Particles, The Better?

Several times, at the request of some customers, it was stuffed pillow tight, tightly tailored guests and get some feedback that quickly deflated pillows terrible, when not collapse then found pillow sat stiff and sore. That is also why we only 3/4 stuffed full of foam products.

This is because the special characteristics of the product, soft round sponge particles in the gut should have space to move, but so was stuffed too tightly, they no longer space for “budge”, the users do when sitting, lying up will find hard, hugging the pillow does not, and so after a while being pressed tightly together, the porous particles will collapse flat, and the chair will come back should “wrinkled”.

Are More Porous Particles To The Better?

In principle (and in fact tried dentist) particles as large as smooth, but this kind of particles to collapse and rupture. Although the initial use but save more than 1 month away catastrophic collapse, then rolls back to put additional savings at all. Porous secondary particles are smooth again, so you just use medium grain, to just and durable quiet again, save costs (best choice there!).

Do Not Add Foam Particles Into The Pillow Are Good In The Long Run?

Most people in the first time when the new buyer will want to try the product, they like to invite each young child jumping on the pillow, strong intensity and also the reason for pillows quickly deflated.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bag Chair


Chair or pillow foam particles lazy foam, foam pillows, foam seats appear to be widely used in Western countries for a long time and new production and sale in Vietnam a few years ago, but a lot lover’s use. Bean bag chair can replace the normal seat or bed handy mini

Many Beautiful Colors

You can easily select the color matching of household items, wall color or colors you love. A lot of use, other advantages. Lazy foam baby seats can transform the way the user wants to sit or lie back on the most comfortable pillow

There are many suitable color: as chair, mini bed in the family, as a gift, souvenir on the occasion of birthday, Christmas, gift your friends, parents, relatives, lovers… a lot of opportunity more.

These are some suggestions for you to choose a good chair. Hope you choose the best one.

Nothing to say about my interesting story about this home and office product. Thanks the blog owner to provide me an opportunity to publish my paper here. ~ From Cherry


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