How To Buy The Best Reverse Osmosis System

Softener should be appropriate to the characteristics of water resources, the needs of family use, including at least five basic filter … to ensure effective cleaning. To be able to help you choose the best reverse osmosis system, you should not ignore this article.

The refinery technology type RO (reverse osmosis membrane) is the source of water treatment equipment common nowadays, with the gap size membrane 0,001micromet mechanism works like human kidneys. On the market there are many brands RO filters, each with a capacity, capacity, number of filter, power saving capabilities of different countries…. To choose the best product, ensure efficient cleaning and health and safety, users should note 7 criteria below.

Water Features

With the naked eye, you may notice signs such as cloudy water is not clean, appeared white residue in the kettle, hot water pipes calcium or magnesium infection, black tank due to deposits of manganese contamination … In addition, color and unusual flavors also said countries have problems and need to be processed.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Reverse Osmosis System

However, pollution of water sources cannot be perceived with the naked eye, only discovered the problem partly through the support tools such as electrolysis pen, pen TDS, pH measuring instruments … How to check the exact water source especially taking samples, sent to the agency to measure the quality of tests, such as the Institute of Occupational Health and the Environment – the Ministry of Health and quality – Ministry of Science and technology.

If possible, you should take the initiative to send the sample to learn household water. This is the basis for selecting the number and type of suitable filter, in order to thoroughly tackle the problem of water.

Demand For Water Use

Before investing in equipment, should be clearly defined for filtered water activities or just dining, family members number more or less … Depending on the needs that you should choose the filter of appropriate capacity of 10 liters, 15 liters or 30 liters per hour ….

For example, your family has 5 persons, each member drink 2 liters a day. Add 10 liters of water for cooking, 10 liters serves other daily needs, the total water volume of 30 liters to filter. If using a 10-liter capacity per hour, consuming 180 minutes just filter will provide enough clean water for the whole family.

Number Of Filtration Levels Necessary

RO water purifier a family usually consists of 5 basic filters. 5 micron PP core filter organic impurities, rust, mud or suspended matter in water greater than 5 microns in size. OCB core activated carbon filter toxic organic compounds, chlorine, taste strange part of the country. 1 micron PP core filter residue greater than one micron in size, such as algae, rust, larvae. RO membranes purify at molecular level of heavy metal ions, ammonium, arsenic, the smallest organic matter (pesticides, industrial …), destroying 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Carbon core T33 toxic thoroughly filtered out of the body, stabilize the natural sweetness of cool water and pH balance.

Additionally, users can purchase additional cores 6, 7, 8, 9 … help replenish the minerals in purified water. We also added many other features fit the unique needs of the family.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Reverse Osmosis System

Ability To Save Electricity And Water

Users need to consider these indicators to assess the ability to save electricity, water costs and equipment maintenance costs … Average refinery capacity of 10 liters per hour of electricity consumed nearly 3 per month. To filter 10 liters of pure water, wastewater quality standards required in the permit.

Product Features

After a period of use, the dirty filter will be replaced, especially the RO membrane – the most important component of the device. A water softener should integrate intelligent features automatic core replacement alarm, automatic hot wash membranes, low water alarm automatically … help filter operating in top condition, to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency.

In addition, the ability to operate smoothly, aesthetics, durability, parts replacement … as well as the criteria necessary to buy water filters.

Reputation Brand

Users should choose reputable brands, ensuring a clear origin, water quality after filtration, full benefits and aftermarket warranty, anti-counterfeiting stamps confirmation SMS to check the product code key groin. Water Softener must demonstrate quality reached the national standards for drinking water directly or manufacturing processes certified to ISO.

Customer Service

Quality water filters can reduce the costs incurred in the repair and replacement parts … However, users should choose the company offers good customer care, maintenance free full or in warranty period, in order to save the budget. Also, should go to the appliance or reputable dealer to receive transportation services, installation, warranty and after sales … attractive.

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