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Decorate your living room with feng shui

By Rose C. Dean / September 14, 2015

Living room is the main place where all the members in the family gather together and have joyful time. So it is very important to create a harmonious and open space for the living room. With nice decorating style combined with feng shui, your living room will not only look more beautiful but also bring good luck into your life

There are some recommendations to decorate the living room with feng shui

  • People can attract good luck by arranging in the living room

The best position for living room is near the entrance, to let the good air flow get into your house. If you have to walk though a corridor to reach the living room, so the corridor should be clear, orderly, enough light and can’t prevent the air-flow. The living room should be at the ground floor

Some houses bring comfortable feeling when  you step in, but some others are not. It depend on the arrangement of things in the living room. The living room with open and harmonious space, convenient arrangement is the best way to attract the good air-flow into your house

The living room should not be contain too much acute angle because it may effect on people badly. To cover the angle, you can place there some ornaments or large accessories such as a big clock or mirror

  • You can gain more wealth into your living room

The simplest to furniture your living room is using a set of sofa, a table and a TV additionally. It will make the living room look modern and beautiful. These furniture such as TV, speakers, wooden cupboard will bring luxurious feeling for the space

One basic knowledge of feng shui  you should pay attention, the sofa represent for host so it should be big, the table represent for the guest so it should be small and short. The table can not be larger than the sofa

Moreover, the sofa also represent for water element, the high cupboards represent for mountain element. The cupboard must be higher than the sofa to bring good luck into the living room

  • Some ways to attract money into your house

Good decoration is impressive, inspired the host, create comfortable space and bring good environment to people and also attract money. There are some tips below that you should know when decorating your living room with feng shui:

-The living room should not contain crossbeam. If the crossbeam exist, you should hide it carefully or make adulterate ceiling

-The way to living room should be wide, refresh and easy to reach the room, avoid to build a lot of turn on the way

-The host can hang the suitable pictures which has meaning suit the host ‘s job. For example, if you are a business man, you can hang a picture that has horses on the wall to gain more wealthy

-You need to be careful when place mirror in the living room. Mirror is used in necessary occasions only to widen the room, and reduce bad air

-Hang a clock on wall, it has some benefits: time remind, attract money, balance the atmosphere, gain good luck. However, the clock should be head to the entrance or balcony

-There should be ornaments in the living room. The ornament bring vitality, power, success and refresh the atmosphere around

  • The living room has to get enough light

The inside space of the living room should receive enough the amount of light. You can open the window in on the day to bring more light into your house or use lamps in the evening