10 tips to tidy your house quickly

By Rose C. Dean / September 13, 2015

Of course you can’t live in a dirty place with messy things covered the whole surface of your rooms. You need to tidy your house to create comfortable space for the family to gather and have joyful time together. Some people have enough time to do chores, but if you are a busy with tone of work at the office so how can you make your house clear?

Just follow the 10 tips listed below, you will know how to tidy your house quickly and save time

  • You should make your bed look brief first. The bed is the center of bedroom, which you will pay attention when you step in. The pillows may consume too much space, If you have to wake up and leave home in hurry the smart way is pulling the pillows in the comforter

  • Please do not waste too much time with dirty clothes. You just need to handle the whole dirty clothes one time a day. When you wake up in the morning, you should try to collect them and put all of them in the washing machine. Do it every day, you will recognize how convenient and helpful it is


  • Remember to dry the sink after used. When you finish washing your hands, you need to spend a little bit time to dry the sink. It surely make your bathroom look clearer without spots and also maintain the sink for long term use. The bathtub also need to be cleaned up, sink in a shiny tub is definitely better than a messy one, right?

  • All the members in the family should put the shoes outside. You just need to place a shelf at the entrance and every one put their shoes on the shelf before come in. The shoes with mud, leaves, dirt, feces and even gums will mess the floor. Leave the shoes outside will help you do not have to clean the floor so regularly
  • You can restrict to buy the amount of packed item as much as possible. The item that packed is not convenient if you do not want to trash and recycle the plastic so many times. When you use packed item, you have to unwrap it, put away the plastic bag and of course spend time to recycle it everyday

  • You should prepare the dishwasher before meals. When you make meal and wait for food to be cooked, you can spend a few minutes to check the dishwasher, take out all the dishes that washed and clean the machine. You need to put away all food from the dirty dishes after eating then put them into the dishwasher


  • Your house can be cleaned up totally at the weekend. You have more time to tidy and do chores at the weekend, such as empty the recycle bin, swept the floor, check the whole house one more time if anything broken and need to be prepared. It will make your house clearer and you don’t have to spend so much time tidying it


  • Do some short-time pickup every evening. All the members in your family should do it together, everyone can spend about 15 minutes to check their personal space, and pick up the rubbed or rearrange all things in the room. This method not only waste time but also tidy your house effectively

  • Why don’t you set-up a space just for mess? It is may not a bad idea to clean up the house an very simple to do. Instead of putting all the mess in the storage room ( broken machine, old clothes that not used anymore or recycled things such as can, bottle ) you can create a small space in your house to contains all these things smartly, at a corner that not attract too much attention. The mess things is not totally useless, sometimes you may need them so you should store them for some necessary occasions


  • You should put every things at their suitable positions. Always arrange all things at places where they should belong to is a good way to tidy your house. The rooms should be equipped with shelves to contains magazines, books or accessories